For more than 15 years, PlanTech has developed and built finished installation modules, bathrooms, and kitchen cells. The first of these bath systems were produced in series for installation in 1937 by Richard Buckminster Fuller. In the 1960s and 70s, this idea was further perfected in East Germany, and now it forms the basis for quick and efficient implementation of apartment block projects.
This construction method has been proven in millions of instances, and the engineers at Volksbath have maintained this know-how and developed it further.
This is especially interesting for structures such as hotels, hospitals, apartments, and retirement and care homes. It has also been applied in student residences, hostels, in standardised apartment construction, and any kind of project that keeps cost efficiency, consistency, and reliability of functions with maximum quality in the foreground. Competence that you can benefit from today  – described briefly in
 ten steps and by the most important advantages.



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